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14 Days Turkey & Greece

Alanya - Bodrum - Izmir - Crete - Athens - Chios - Alanya

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Journey 2 days 1 night on Au Co Cruise through the most famous and attractive landmarks: Ha Long Bay in the Tonkin Bay complex. The program gives visitors many opportunities to fully immerse themselves in the unique natural scenery of Ha Long

et sail through the spectacular landscape of Lan Ha Bay & Ha Long bay with our Capella – the best leisure & recreation cruise of the bay. As well as the ship’s design was a combination of a luxury superyacht and Indochina ambiance.

Experiencing in tourism over 20 years, we always give fabulous and perfect services to the passengers to visit Halong and Lan Ha Bay. Dora & Doris cruise 5* will make your journey unforgetable.

Golden Cruise  is being acknowledged as the floating 5 Stars hotel on the sea. The management are committed in provide continuous training and development opportunities towards their career to the local Vietnamese crew .

Our two days one night cruises are ideal for those who want to experience the Halong bay with full of exciting activities, kayaking, swimming and more.

The name of Hermes Cruises is derived from Hermes – the son of Zeus. With his innate talent and intellect, Hermes is known as the guardian bringing goodness and peace.

La Casta cruise Lan Ha Bay 5*

Tuan chau island, Halong Bay, Quang ninh province

LA CASTA DAILY & PREMIER CRUISES are proud to be the FIRST 1-DAY LUXURIOUS CRUISES in Ha Long. Our cruises offer an extraordinary itinerary of up to 8 hours which is full of activities for guests to experience the most famous route of Ha Long Bay

Margaret Cruises is designed with the perfect balance of the classic and modern style. Spread over 4 decks with 25 spacious and beautiful cabins fully refurbished for a superlative onboard adventure, Margaret Cruises has never looked better, nor felt cozier. 

SENA CRUISES is a traditional and cozy boutique cruise managed by Swan Cruises, the brand name being a well-spoken in Vietnam.

The Vintage Cruise has 2 floors in total with 11 cabins, a luxurious restaurant, a bar, and a sundeck area. Overall, the cabins are spacious.

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